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60th Anniversary of dairy promotion

Twenty-eight past and present Maryland Dairy Princesses gathered to celebrate the program's 60th anniversary on July 13, 2022. In front from left, are, Emily O'Hara, Emma Jean Saathoff Morgan, Joanna Byers Calimer, Kaylena Martin, Morgan Osborn-Wotthlie, Elizabeth Karides, Susan Gesling Summers, Sydnie Grossnickle, Laurie Zimmerman Savage and Terry Leppo Finch. In back from left, are, Dawn Downey Stiles, Terry Suddath Adkins, Jessica Hernandez Armacost, Caitlin Patrick, Doris Scott Harris, Ruthie Miller Magness, Linda Saathoff Brown, Lynne Thomas, Heidi Hauser Qualls, Ellie Feaga, Stacey Guyton, Charlotte Thompson Brewster, Suzanne Perdue, Ellie Grossnickle, Mackenzie Underwood, Robin Hill Welch, Katie Mason Epstein and Emily Yeiser Stepp.

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"A young lady who participates in this program honors her family and the dairy industry. For me, it was a way of giving back to my dairy community, the help and support that had been given to me as I was growing up, raising calves, showing heifers, milking, tractor work and being actively involved in all aspects of my family's farming operation. It is important for the young lady to realize she is an active member of a family-owned business. She knows the dairy industry from the breeding program though the milk leaving her family's farm. She speaks from hands-on experience about both the changes and satisfactions and about the health benefits of dairy products. Whether she wins the dairy princess title or not, her active participation is gratifying to all dairy farm families and her knowledge is shared in educating the urban population.

To be effective as a dairy princess, the young lady needs to also learn the processes dairy products go through from the farm to the grocery store. I probably won the state title because I learned what happened to the milk once it left the farm and could speak with knowledge to media sources and groups from the perspective of the entire dairy industry. It is a great honor to represent the dairy industry. You are entrusted to always represent hard working and dedicated people, who are very proud of what they do, to the best of your ability." 


Angela Remsberg Smith Siegert

1963 Maryland Dairy Princess

Maryland Dairy Princesses

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