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Maryland Dairy
Princess Association


Maryland Dairy Princess Association

Maryland dairy princesses travel the state promoting the dairy industry and the healthfulness of milk and dairy products. They visit stores, malls, fairs, schools, festivals and more. Every spring, the association looks for young ladies with ties to the dairy industry and between the ages of 16 and 21 to serve as princesses. Girls between the ages of 9 and 15 are also needed to assist with dairy promotions as dairy maids. Contact us to request a princess appearance or for more information on serving as princess or maid.

MD Dairy Princess Promotion Team


MD Dairy Princess Promotion Team 2023-24
Maryland Dairy Princess Katie Jones, right, and Alternate Maryland Dairy Princess Layla Shepard, left, along with Frederick County Dairy Princess Abigail Effland, will promote and share information about the state's dairy industry throughout the year.

Past Princesses.jpg

60th Anniversary Maryland Dairy Princess Pageant

Twenty-eight past and present Maryland Dairy Princesses gathered to celebrate the program's 60th anniversary on July 13, 2022. In front from left, are, Emily O'Hara, Emma Jean Saathoff Morgan, Joanna Byers Calimer, Kaylena Martin, Morgan Osborn-Wotthlie, Elizabeth Karides, Susan Gesling Summers, Sydnie Grossnickle, Laurie Zimmerman Savage and Terry Leppo Finch. In back from left, are, Dawn Downey Stiles, Terry Suddath Adkins, Jessica Hernandez Armacost, Caitlin Patrick, Doris Scott Harris, Ruthie Miller Magness, Linda Saathoff Brown, Lynne Thomas, Heidi Hauser Qualls, Ellie Feaga, Stacey Guyton, Charlotte Thompson Brewster, Suzanne Perdue, Ellie Grossnickle, Mackenzie Underwood, Robin Hill Welch, Katie Mason Epstein and Emily Yeiser Stepp.


Maryland Dairy Princess Appearances

Our 2023-24 Maryland Dairy Princess Promotion Team will make numerous appearances across the state, including county fairs, day cares, senior centers and festivals! Interested in having them share the dairy story with your group? Click on the contact button above and arrange a promotion today!


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